Mail meets Collaboration
Project Features.

IdeaShift...helping Canada Post deliver, through collaboration!  


The sixth largest company in the country, Canada Post Corporation needed to increase revenue and wanted to tap into ideas and insights from its 50,000 employees.


Canada Post's workforce stretches from coast to coast, with a presence in every small town, many without internet connectivity, and the vast majority of staff weren't used to collaborating with each other.


PubliVate created a "campaign" strategy around IdeaShift, an online brainstorming activity to engage employees and allow them to work virtually to develop great ideas for increasing revenue. 


Three main factors drove this project's success.  We made participation convenient by integrating our online brainstorming tool with CPC's SAP system.  We ensured that CPC Executives played an active and appropriate role throughout the campaign.  We also provided an incentive strategy that included numerous benefits for employees to considering participating.



Million's in new revenue

The IdeaShift online brainstorming activity resulted in over 1,300 ideas, nearly 6,000 suggested improvements to ideas and ratings and re-ratings (changes to the original rating of an idea) of ideas put forward.  The top two ideas alone are contributing millions of recurring revenue for Canada Post.

What our Client says: 

"Canada Post took in over 1,300 ideas and the top two alone are worth millions in new, recurring revenue to the organization."
Justin Scanlon, Canada Post Campaign Manager for IdeaShift
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