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Ask The Experts...redefining FAQ's, through collaboration!  


When Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) implemented the First Nations Financial Transparency Act (FNFTA) they needed to engage their audience and educate them about the FNFTA in an efficient, effective, and, ideally, progressive manner.


Many people were affected by the complicated changes associated with enacting the FNFTA legislation.  Those directly affected by FNFTA, particularly those with financial responsibility for understanding and adapting to the Act, were located in large and small communities from across Canada.


The challenge before PubliVate was to connect the dots between a geographically-dispersed, large number of people affected and getting them the right information.  Compounding the challenge was what we knew would be a diverse array of questions and information required by stakeholders.  PubliVate conceived and built a "FAQ on steroids" online collaboration platform that allowed anyone to ask anything about FNFTA while viewers could weigh in on the quality of the answer provided.


Coming up with the right enablement platform was not enough in this case.  The online platform was only going to be as good as the content and in particular, the answers that were provided. So, PubliVate re-engineered the original response process and had Chartered Accountant firms become the expert responders to the questions posed.



A new way to collaborate online

PubliVate helped to reshape how communities can learn and collaborate together through the strategy, creation, and ultimately deploying Ask The Experts out to the stakeholders who required guidance and direction around the enactment of this legislation.  Ask The Experts has been such a success that it remains in place and available today, long after it was suppose to originally finish.
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