A Look into the Government of Canada's First-ever Ideation Exercise
Project Features.

A ground breaking event that moved the Government of Canada into structured collaboration


The Canadian federal government had never undertaken an online brainstorming activity before, was risk averse, and, for the most part, were not use to collaborating with one another. At least not online.


Information technology workers in government face a daunting task in meeting the heavy demands of their clients while trying to appropriately introduce new IT advances. Each working in their respective departmental silo's, many facing similar challenges but rarely having the opportunity to share and explore together.


Teaming up with the Chief Technology Officer for the Government of Canada, PubliVate outlined the structure and methodology that would overcome the accessibility, language, and, ironically, technology barriers to allow the use of their proprietary innovation management online platform.


Beyond tailoring their online solution to fit the needs of an incredibly diverse group of participants, PubliVate immediately developed a "Campaign Team" consisting of key CIO's from around the government. Equally important, PubliVate designed an incentive model that ensured a participants time, energy, and creativity would be rewarded in numerous important ways.



Success beyond all expectations

The Government of Canada IT Innovation Campaign had over 2,000 registrants from 70 different departments and agencies. They contributed almost 1,200 ideas across 6 categories and 30 sub-categories with the ideas receiving 2,756 improvements and over 8,000 ratings.

What our Client says: 

"Beyond all of the benefits of the great ideas our campaign generated, maybe our most valuable prize was community building. No other approach I've used or seen in Government has the scale, speed, and reach of PubliVate's capabilities to generate community engagement across time zones, organizations, and job roles."
Chuck Henry, Chief Technology Officer, Government of Canada
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