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Bringing the diverse Algonquin community together to collaborate  


Algonquin College, an Ontario-based college with multiple campuses, wanted to conduct their annual Strategic Programs and Service Planning Project (SPSP) Engagement Report in a more effective manner and turned to PubliVate to help the College collaborate with its stakeholders.


With multiple campuses spread across multiple countries, Algonquin is viewed as one of Canada's most diverse and progressive post-secondary institutions. For the SPSP project it was critical to the organizers that all involved with Algonquin have the opportunity to make a real difference.


This campaign initiated an idea forum that allowed students to share their thoughts about the future of the College, particularly around the following categories; Programs and Teachings, College Operations, Research and Business Development, and Employees, fellow students and other members of the Algonquin College community. 


Given the diverse makeup of participants and the understandable value placed on reaching everyone, PubliVate worked with the College to establish the right governance and incentives to engage key members from students, faculty, and administration at the outset.  This helped to bring along participants from each of those communities when the PubliVate ideation online platform was made available and ensured that the right questions were asked of participants in the right way.



Allowing the entire Algonquin community to make a difference.

During the pilot campaign, hundreds of participants came together to put forward over 100 ideas, 133 suggested improvements to ideas, 379 ratings, 4928 idea views, and 64 thumbs up. The contributions made played a pivotal role in Algonquin's future planning.

What our Client says: 

"PubliVate's solution seemed to fit the bill and as we dug into it, it did everything that we required and more."
Doug Wotherspoon, Vice President, Algonquin College
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