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Project Features.

Helping the Canadian Automobile Association brand through online collaboration  


One of the most trusted brands in Canada, the Canadian Automobile Association, needed to stay ahead of the game by finding out how they could continue to improve upon their roadside customer satisfaction.


CAA members encompass a cross-section of our country.  They are CAA members because they trust that CAA will be there to help them out when they are often in untimely, sometime emergency situations with members, their family and friends.


PubliVate worked with CAA to provide a virtual focus group online solution, with functions and design aligned to the business objectives they set out. This included the ability for participants to react to topics put forward, comment on other reactions, rate reactions put forward, and suggest topics that the group should focus on.


As can be seen from the results, PubliVate developed a smart, simple incentive strategy for those invited that drove a very high participation rate.  Establishing a strong and interested audience allowed for ample participation.  Participants were made to understand the value and end journey for their input early on in the week long exercise, further stimulating their contributions.



Million's in new revenue

The results were significant in both recruiting and in participation.  With a smart recruiting strategy, CAA ConVersations was able to recruit over 34% of the individuals that were approached online.  The five targeted issues that were promoted drew 200 Reactions from the participants.  On tap of that participants offered over 150 ratings of various reactions.

What our Client says: 

"For us the timing was right to try to take advantage of the online consultation and research solutions that PubliVate has.  We weren't disappointed"
Jennifer Birch, CAA Manager for ConVersations dialogue.
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