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Advancing and educating people about Open Government and Open Dialogue  


There were many challenges for PubliVate as a co-founder of CODF 2016. One of them was bringing true empowerment and value through public and registrants online input to the creation of “Open Dialogue Principles", a key output of the conference.


Thousands of people online and 300 attendees’, all interested in learning, promoting and advancing Open Government and Open Dialogue.


PubliVate developed a 2-step online engagement process that ensured the activity, participating community, and online tools all worked together.


PubliVate used Twitter to have the public provide feedback on the first draft of Open Dialogue Principles prior to the conference. Using that input along with conference sessions, participants responded to a series of mobile collaboration exercises during CODF 2016 to further advance the Principles.



The first-ever Open Dialogue Principles, collaboratively built

Through numerous insights and ideas that started before the conference, were added to during the conference, and were guided by Open Government experts throughout, an ambitious, valuable goal of crowd-sourced Principles was reached.

What Participants said: 

"The creation of the Open Dialogue Principles was not only highly useful for many organizations but empowering interested parties through process and online tools to help build them only adds to their value."
Nicholas Charney, Government of Canada
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