Parks Canada MRT
Project Features.

Creating the most successful Minister's Round Table ever  


Parks Canada wanted to take the bi-annual Minister's Round Table on national parks, historic sites, and conservation areas to a whole new level of engagement allowing Canadians everywhere to participate meaningfully.


Many communities and stakeholders from across and outside of Canada participated - often multiple times - in the online MRT dialogue.


PubliVate used their design thinking methodology to produce a collaborative solution that included ideation, eworkbooks, a "Parks Finder" web app, and intercept surveys.


While integrating all of the desired objectives, PubliVate utilized our proprietary tools in taking advantage of both online and in person opportunities.



Level of engagement achieved

Significant results that greatly exceeded client's expectations in both the volume and quality. This included site visits, registrants, ideas, completed workbooks, and intercept surveys.

What the Participants are saying: 

"...thank you for the opportunity to have a say on the future of Canada's national parks.  I hope that for years to come that you will continue to use public engagement in parks decision making."
"...I very much appreciate being given the opportunity to comment on the future of our national parks as an average Canadian citizen..."
"...Thank you for the opportunity to engage in this important nationwide dialogue on the future management of our parks. We look forward to learning the outcome of the discussions and how we can all work together toward the maintaining and making use of the parks for future generations to enjoy."
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