The Always Increasing Role of Online Engagement

The Always Increasing Role of Online Engagement

One thing that we are sure of after the better part of a decade in the business of online engagement is that the discipline itself has never stopped expanding. From the creation of a new vernacular with the term "crowdsourcing" to all of the growing number of areas associated with it (some of which were around before crowdsourcing)...crowdfunding, open innovation, ideation, gamification, distributed knowledge, collaborative education, and the list seems to grow regularly. And, of course, that is related only to interactive online engagement where the community involved is playing an active role in creating data associated with the engagement.

Which brings up our point - sorry for the long-winded introduction - as many people that are becoming familiar with online engagement, just as many are confused. The term of online engagement...and even crowdfunding...continue to morph. We had a new partner the other day who was convinced that their organization needed ideation (and lots of it). Once we understood their business objectives it was clear to us that a distributed knowledge/collaborative education initiative would be an ideal fit for what they wanted to accomplish.

While the world of of online engagement might be more confusing to some than it was a year or two ago, the good news is that is because further innovation in terms of creative solutions that have people working together in new and valuable ways continue to be developed. There are more ways than ever for organizations to do better by working together.

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