Cabinet Countdown...and the results are in...

Cabinet Countdown...and the results are in...

Thanks to the almost 100 people that participated in our fun little online activity.

Even from a 60 second exercise like this the amount of data and value generated amazes me.  I won't go into the details but just the question on Finance Minister alone are really intriguing...all the candidates received at least 1 but no more than 2 "all in" $100 investments.

Here is a quick snapshot of how things turned out:

1) What's the most important issue for the Trudeau Cabinet to tackle in the coming months?

Turns out it's not marijuana legalization...although there was someone who ranked it number 1.  Infrastructure was number 1 with an average ranking of 2.02 followed closely by the Economy at 2.21 then Climate Change at 2.79.  

2) The next Finance Minister is...

According to you it's Ralph Goodale, who received an average investment of 25.41 although Scott Brison was moving up throughout the last week and finished second with 21.96. Chyrstia Freeland barely edged out Bill Morneau for 3rd (16.09 to 16.04).

3) Long shot for Cabinet

This was interesting in that - if the media is right - the person finishing first (Marie-Claude Bibeau with a ranking of 1.82) and the person finishing last (Jody Raybould-Wilson with a ranking of 3.70) both made it in.

4) Bonus Question - The Environment Minsiter that cannot be

In the showdown between Gerald Butts and Elizabeth May, the Green leader beat out the former President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund with 74% of the votes cast.

Thanks again to all who participated, we hope you enjoyed! 

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