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It seems like you cannot turn around without reading about or hearing about machine learning and the relentless march forward of artificial intelligence.

It is an area that we have avidly been following almost since the creation of Publivate a decade ago. It was also something that we stayed away from for about 9.5 years. In 2018, we felt the timing was right because the payoff could be substantial and consistent to invest in the incorporation of machine learning into what we do. It has been an interesting journey, a terrific learning experience, and a meaningful addition to what we do.

Specifically, we have incorporated sentiment analysis across the various interactive applications that we have, including ideation, all types of surveys and eWorkbooks, and narrative experiences, among others. Sentiment analysis allows us to pick out topics from text that authors have entered into one of our applications where the author has qualified that text in a positive, negative (or neutral) manner. And it can be done automatically. It presents itself in a dashboard that allows a viewer to pretty instantly understand what a crowd thinks is good and bad when it comes to topics related to the exercises that we ask them to do.

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While it is a small aspect of what we now do, it is meaningful and also an area of expertise for us that will continue to grow over time. We are happy to chat about how we have incorporated AI and provide a demo. Please just send us a quick note.

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November 19th, 2019

Adam Coleman

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