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Useful analytics means so much more than strictly capturing the number of views on a page. While simple page analytics such as views, bounce rates, and abandons are important, they do little to paint the whole picture of how a site is being used.

Device Type

A portion of our client dashboard has been developed in order to display the type of device that visitors are viewing the site with, be it smartphone, tablet, desktop, and other. This provides significant insight to how visitors are using the website and choosing to consume the content.

For sites that have a clear bias toward mobile users, this signals the need to cater content that is consumable on these devices. On the other hand, for sites that have more engagement from desktop users or that have longer time on a page, creating content that is longer can often be a useful solution.


The location of your visitors can often be crucial in determining the success of an engagement. If you are not reaching your target audience, or worse, collecting skewed results based on an uneven geopolitical distribution, you may have to adjust your marketing strategy. To protect user's privacy, Publivate’s location tracking is by default approximate (to within about a suburb), but will work around the globe.


Referrals track how a visitor got to your site; from a search engine, another website, social media, or directly via bookmark. Referrals are powerful in determining the impact of a marketing campaign, especially if you running multiple campaigns at the same time. In addition, referrals from search engines can help measure the success of SEO efforts.

Different metrics can be combined to pinpoint friction and identify areas for impactful change. Publivate has developed some even deeper metrics to complement our suite of engagement tools.

Greater Together

Analytics on their own are helpful metrics that provide insight. Where they begin to be increasingly powerful is when analytics are cross-referenced and used in harmony. When facilitating engagements with our clients, we are to form a better understanding and key insights.

A great example of the power of using multiple analytics is by contrasting device type information for device type in harmony with more traditional analytics becomes incredibly impactful. Analyzing page exits by device type, can highlight key information. If a page has a high exit rate for a mobile device, it can be an indicator that the page may be poorly optimized for smartphones and that a design review should be performed.

As always for more information about the work we do, and for novel ways we present and use data to drive and improve online engagement, send us an email! We’re happy to chat!

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