Success story

Vantage Partners is a global management consulting firm with world leading practices and clients. They have many proprietary tools they have created but have not managed to digitize. The community for this specific analog tool are front line executives for a well known industry leader in their market space. This group needed to transition this tool into a just-in-time, mobile friendly application. PubliVate looked at their objective of digitizing a traditional learning guide, from both a tactical and strategic perspective. We provided 3 phases to online transition of the material that allow everyone time to adjust and get comfortable with the increased capability and benefits of interactive learning. Working with Vantage, our approach was to ensure that within the multi-phase digitization there were strong benefits and an acceptable, appropriate technology transition for the end user at every stage.

Digitizing Proprietary Tools

Results: Successfully digitized tool. PubliVate produced a digitized platform that Vantage - and just as important, their Fortune 100 client - felt surpassed their expectations...across the board.

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Success story

December 19th, 2019

Adam Coleman

Success story

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