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Over the past decade Publivate has made a point to focus on continually developing its service offering to provide the most impactful results to our customers. We have not been strangers to pushing the envelope for technical advancement to online engagement and collaboration since 2009. This has allowed us to have some major industry firsts which have helped to distinguish Publivate as a leader in online collaboration.

Having a strong lineage of technical advances, we have never lost sight of continually striving to provide more value to our customers by serving up online engagement in intuitive ways. Over the last two years our development team has made a deliberate priority to create, tweak, and integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into all of our collaboration solutions. The implications are substantial.

Implications of AI & Natural Language Processing

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is the ability for machines to perform a task that would usually require human intelligence. Its implications on a global scale are profound with use cases spanning virtually every industry from self-driving cars to e-commerce. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of AI which allows computers to interpret and make meaning of the human language. NLP leverages AI to derive meaning from languages and present results it in a manner that are valuable to the end user. Both AI and NLP streamline business processes, raise the consistency and reliability of outputs, and have a track record of saving businesses immense amounts of time and resources for tasks that historically relied on human input and processing.

Impactful NLP

While Natural Language Processing can have significant impacts on businesses, the ultimate determiner of the value of AI and NLP are how they are harnessed for each specific business case. Providing relevant and actionable information for varying use cases determine the ultimate value of the data. 

We have methodically worked with The Ottawa Hospital, one of the largest healthcare institutions in North America, for over two years to develop meaningful outcomes from the addition of NLP. These additions provide intuitive and actionable information for HR, Communications, Nursing, and C-level executives.

Natural Language Processing is used on every engagement that Publivate runs. To learn more about the types of collaborations that Publivate facilitates and what tools are used, see our article here.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis makes use of NLP in order to determine, extract, and categorize subjective opinions and information provided in a piece of written text. Sentiment analysis exposes whether the text is positive, neutral, or negative. Sentiment analysis comes into its element in being able to instantly provide analysis on large and complex pieces of unstructured text while simultaneously assigning a confidence level to the results. 

By processing all responses stakeholders have submitted in collaborations and engagements, Publivate is able to provide real-time sentiment analysis. This provides instant sentiment—either positive, neutral, and negative—to user-generated responses. This provides provides the unique ability for managers to immediately see the overall stakeholder sentiment across the various engagements. 

Providing sentiment analysis, especially on large amounts of unstructured text, act as a streamlined method for managers to understand what is happening in their organization. Sentiment analysis not only saves time, but it also succeeds in bringing a new level of consistency to data that is impossible to recreate from human analysis.

Key Discoveries & Key Phrases

In order to provide more actionable information for management, we use NLP to provide key discoveries. Key discoveries take sentiment analysis one step further by extracting keywords and phrases. This allows managers the ability to quickly understand what the most important and relevant topics which are being discussed in their organization. Key discoveries also provide sentiment analysis which allows the user to understand the overall response to those key topics. 

AI-Enabled Future

The use cases and the benefits that Artificial Intelligence bring to a wide variety of industries are both staggering and rapidly expanding. AI and Natural Language Processing saves organizations time while arming them with robust information which empowers them to make informed business decisions. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence is one method that organizations will continue increasing efficiency and driving success into the future. 

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