Success story

The Objective

Algonquin College, a thriving, progressive Ontario based college with multiple campuses, wanted to conduct their annual Strategic Programs and Service Planning Project (SPSP) Engagement Report in a more effective manner.

Algonquin College initiated an idea forum that allowed Algonquin students to share their thoughts about the future of the College. The ideas collected through this online engagement were used to supplement the recommendations that were submitted to the Board of Governors for moving the College forward.

The Campaign

The Algonquin College SPSP campaign was Publivate’s first post secondary institution partnership. This campaign aimed to capture Algonquin Students’ views and suggestions around the following categories Programs and Teachings, College Operations, Research and Business Development, Employees, Students and others.

The Engagement with Publivate

Algonquin College turned to Publivate to ensure that they were able to collaborate in the best possible manner for their community. Through Publivate solutions, Algonquin was able to reach out to all of its stakeholders through multiple campaigns that produced their best annual engagement report to date and the most satisfied community.

The Result

During the pilot campaign, 195 participants came together to put forward over 103 ideas, 133 improvements, 379 ratings, 4928 idea views, and 64 thumbs up.

Since its first campaign, Algonquin College has conducted several more over the remainder of the year to collect important information that was used in the annual engagement report.

We try and reach out to our broad audiences on a regular basis. We were looking for a solution that allowed us to do that in as effective and as a broad way as possible. Publivate’s solution seemed to fit that bill, and when we actually started to dig into it even more, and started to use the tool, it in fact did everything it said it would, and more.

- Doug Wotherspoon, Vice President, Innovation & Strategy | Algonquin College

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