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The Department of National Defence (DND) has been revolutionizing how its real property and infrastructure assets are managed. Since 2019, Publivate has partnered with DND’s Real Property Spatial (RPS) community to help support the transformation to digital asset management and the adoption of internationally recognized standards. Digital Built RPS is a commitment from the department’s spatial data community to support the broader Defence Team in the move from paper-based to data-driven workflows and digitalized real property.

Publivate has been working to assist the widespread adoption throughout DND of the shift to digital. Much of the work has revolved around raising awareness and helping to promote future advocates and people to help drive the change in the industry. DND has engaged various government departments and industry partners to provide standards and training materials while building a community around data-driven workflows.

Publivate has assisted DND in engaging with other government departments and industry partners to provide standards and training material, develop interactive tools, and build a community around data-driven workflows. We can support you in the process of going digital by sharing resources and connecting you with our collaboration platform.

Publivate worked with DND to assist with the various ambitious goals in launching real property and assisting the success of its implementation and launching it into DND’s tough-to-navigate landscape. Since 2019, Publivate has:

  • Acted as a project manager for DND’s Real Property Spatial division
  • Developed and led working group sessions
  • Created a bespoke website showcasing the transition to digital workflows
  • Publivate developed the framework, layout, design, logos, and created the website itself. This served as the foundation for informing people of the transformation to digital.
  • Created and assisted in implementing a file management structure to assist with the transition to SharePoint
  • Created roadmaps to properly frame the department’s missions
  • Established the framework and standard operating procedures for communities of practice
  • Developed and submitted articles in internal newsletters and publications
  • Developed several dozen communications and briefing packages targeted to various stakeholder groups, including:
    • Slide decks
    • Presentations
    • Speeches
    • General memos
    • Published articles
    • Emails
  • Revamped and implemented new document templates for internal communication to update the look and feel based on new standards
  • Developed bilingual videos to showcase the work the DND has undertaken in the real property community including the ADM(IE) data strategy and MapViewer

Publivate is continuing the work with DND to assist in driving the shift to digital and to adopt international standards that help make our country stronger.

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