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The Parliamentary Precinct is one of the most iconic sites in Canada. Being home to Canada’s Parliament, it represents the heart of the nation’s democracy and is the most popular visitor destination in the Nation’s Capital, attracting over one million people annually. Considering recent security incidents—the 2014 shooting at the National War Memorial and on Parliament Hill and the 2022 “Freedom Convoy”—the use of the Parliamentary Precinct and the security measures surrounding it have become an increasing concern to the Government of Canada, the City of Ottawa, and its citizens.

PSPC has enlisted Publivate to lead the project to engage and involve both Ottawans and Canadians in a meaningful process that probes and consolidates their views on reimagining the Parliamentary Precinct, with an initial focus on Wellington Street. The project focuses on reimagining how the space is used to increase safety in the downtown core and improve the precinct for tourists and citizens of the National Capital Region.

The project has the mission of enhancing the safety and security in the area, reflecting our values as a city and country, all while making the Precinct more welcoming and engaging for Ottawans and visitors. Help to make Ottawa a world-class capital city. We are looking to achieve all this while being mindful of the interests of surrounding businesses, residents, and workers while taking into consideration the capital experience, land use, urban design and sustainable transportation. 



Throughout 2023, Publivate will be:

  • Conducting background research and environmental scans
  • Designing an engagement strategy
    • Using a mix of online techniques, workshops, kiosks, townhalls, and other tools to explore and gather ideas on symbolism, the Capital experience, land use, urban design, and sustainable transportation
  • Developing and implementing a communications strategy and conducting outreach to stakeholders
  • Actively identifying and engaging stakeholder groups
  • Conducting a series of pre-engagement interviews
  • Creating and hosting an online platform for engaging and informing stakeholders
    • Developing content and online activities to enable interested communities to voice their opinions to
  • Designing and leading both in-person and virtual engagement mutually respectful dialogue sessions for stakeholders and the public at large
  • Providing interim, summary, and final reporting to inform PSPC

Publivate is in the beginning stages of kicking off this engagement which will span the 2023 fiscal year. Stay tuned for updates as Publivate progresses this important engagement.

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