MySayToday Collaboration Platform


The MySayToday platform allows users to create ideas and insights, improve the ideas of others, and rate (and re-rate as they change) the ideas put forward. Everyone is left with the best suggestions on how to move forward on the topics discussed. Can be beneficial in so many situations!



Use public or private forums to enhance your dialogue, configuring the threads, anonymity, rating, among other functions to suit your needs.


Virtual Dialogue

Publivate are leaders in conducting all aspects of various virtual dialogues; forums, workshops, roundtables, conferences and more. Our offerings support you through event management, tools, facilitation, simultaneous translation, and automated and expert analysis and reporting.



Use this tool in many different ways to have your audience produce interesting, highly curated content, capture unique narratives, share their story in text or video form.



Combine education with questions in a multitude of ways to deliver knowledge and get feedback from your stakeholders.



Let us show you how we can turn a simple quiz into a much more effective and valuable means for engaging with your community



Our powerful questionnaire tool has all spectrum of question types as well as logic...and integrates seamlessly with our AI tools!


Collaborative Q & A

Familiar with Quora? We can help you establish a collaborative q&a solution that provides enumerable benefits over the traditional approach.


Dashboard and Reporting

Our client Dashboard is the envy of our rivals. It provides at a glance, actionable information across the spectrum of engagement that you are undertaking.



We are very aware of how powerful and important analytics can be to online engagement. Let us show you the unique approaches that we take that go well beyond what you will find with google analytics!



Leveraging natural language processing has moved from a nice to have to an imperative in understanding the information and data being generated by your engagement. Publivate has invested years in ensuring that our AI tools find and show you actionable results from your data.


API and Connections

Take advantage of our growing number of 3rd party connections that allows you to get even more use out of our platform! Talk to us to find out who the latest connections are.


Not sure what you need?

As engagement specialists, there’s no limit to the types of solutions we can offer for your public engagement needs. Our engagement specialists will help you pick the solution that is just right for your needs.


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