Engagement Strategy and Design

The design of your online engagement is perhaps the most important activity, among many important ones that you will undertake. Proper design, ideally, has followed a structured methodology, is aligned to the complexity of your engagement, and has been co-created with the users you want to engage - at the least - your engagement design has been exposed to people other than just you and us for feedback before being turned into an online platform.

Our North Star design methodology is a culmination of exposure to and engagement with the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), exposure and understanding of Design Thinking/Human Centered Design (HCD), and our own experience and expertise over the last 10+ years of public engagement. Send us a note to learn more about North Star and our engagement strategy program.


Engagement Planning and Management

There can be an incredible number of “moving parts” when engaging with an audience. In person, online, reporting and analysis, project management, content development, and logistics to name a few areas. Let us help you start and stay organized throughout with our proven planning and management approaches for engagement.

In Person Facilitation

Publivate has been successfully conducting in person facilitation for over a decade. We follow IAP2 methodologies which we have incorporated into our own North Star design methodology for public engagement. We are equally comfortable supporting all types of in person activities on their own or as part of an integrated consultation approach with online activities.


We regularly host training on a variety of key areas associated with engagement and consultation; strategy, outreach, content development, and reporting and analysis, among others. Are you a practitioner? Want to be? We would be happy to chat about how we can support your knowledge and understanding of an important and ever-changing profession. Talk to us today to find out more.


Smarter together.

Publivate works with you to formulate a custom blend of our three engagement pillars to build the ideal web solution for you.

Not sure what you need?

As engagement specialists, there’s no limit to the types of solutions we can offer for your public engagement needs. Our engagement specialists will help you pick the solution that is just right for your needs.


Let's get started.