Publivate's Privacy Policy

Publivate’s goal is to facilitate online engagement and consultation in order to listen, understand, and improve outcomes based on community involvement. Our decade of engagement expertise empowers public and private organizations—and their communities—to provide the opportunity to contribute to the decisions that impact them.

Our online solution has provided hundreds of government agencies and large businesses across the globe connect with their stakeholders and make decisions based on these results.

The privacy of the information that we collect is a subject that we take incredibly seriously. Publivate complies with all applicable regulation and laws in every location which we operate. Specifically, for Canadian engagements and consultations, Publivate complies to the Canadian Privacy Act PIPEDA and also holds a Protected B security level for safeguarding information and assets.

For further information on methods that we comply to various data protection regulations, please contact us and we would be pleased to demonstrate. It should be noted that Publivate’s privacy policy outlines how Publivate collects and treats data, although each of our clients’ websites have separate policies.

This policy covers:

  • Contacting Publivate
  • Collection & Management of Personal Information
  • Information Storage
  • Information Sharing
  • Data Rights

Contacting Publivate

For any questions about Publivate’s Privacy Policy or otherwise, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Collection & Management of Personal Information

Publivate manages the following personal user information when provided during an engagement:

Profile Information

Should someone choose to register a profile on our platform, the registration details given by individual user—which can include email address, age, gender, location, etc.—are details which are kept by Publivate. The details are held to the specific consent which is received by each client.

Publivate uses email addresses as a means to verify registration and to provide tailored notifications to the user.

User Generated Content

All of the content that is provided by users, including survey responses, ideas which have been generated, replies, stories, and more is considered user generated content. The content which is contributed to publicly accessible sections of clients’ websites may be read, collected or used by any member of the public who chooses to access them. This information may remain posted on these sites, even if a user’s account is deleted at their request.

Device Information and Log Data

We collect information about the device used to access clients’ websites; this includes device type, operating system, browser information, connection type, IP address, and the URLs of referring pages. Additionally, we log the date and time of access to our services, as well as any error data.

We use device and location information to help us optimize performance and improve overall user experience. Log data helps us troubleshoot errors, analyze performance, resolve reliability issues, perform security audits, and investigate potential service fraud or abuse.


Metadata is generated automatically when a user visits our clients’ website. This provides the information about how our application was used. This includes search terms used, features accessed, links clicked and more. Publivate uses Metadata along with analytics to understand the ease of use and overall user experience in order to guide and improve our service offering.


Publivate makes use of two types of cookies:

  1. Essential cookies These are cookies that assist users with signing into the online platform, and facilitate navigating the site while using its features. Without these cookies, websites created on our platform would not work as they are intended.

  2. Analytics cookies These cookies help Publivate in understanding how visitors arrived at our website, and what actions/interactions they took while on the site including how long they were on each page, in order to help Publivate understand how to improve the user experience. In order to place these cookies, we use both Google Analytics and Matomo. We have set our analytics to protect users’ privacy to the maximum extent.

Information Storage

In order to provide a high level of security to our platforms and our customers, Publivate takes data security incredibly seriously. We take the necessary steps to comply with industry standards for each country and jurisdiction we operate in. We have implemented several industry best practices including ISO 27001. For further information about data security, we encourage you to get in touch with an Engagement Manager to discuss your specific needs and questions.

Publivate retains data only for the length of the client’s service agreement. Immediately thereafter the data is disposed in accordance to each individual client’s policies.

Information Sharing

Selling Data

Publivate’s has built its reputation on providing incredible value to its customers in over a decade of online engagement. None of the data which is collected is sold or distributed to anyone other than the client. None of the data which Publivate handles is given or sold to any companies.

Social Media

Publivate’s platforms allow social media links to be embedded. In order for this to function properly, these widgets may set a cookie. These features may link to other websites or services whose privacy policies differ from ours. Publivate does not have influence the data that these providers collect from users and we are not aware of the extent of their data processing.

Compliance and Fraud

In exceptional circumstances, if required by law, Publivate may disclose information to a third party if we receive a request and believe that the disclosure is in accordance with or required by any applicable law or enforceable governmental request.

Data Rights

While subject to applicable local regulations, each user may have the following rights to their personal data which resides with Publivate:

  • to request access to their personal data
  • to alter inaccuracies within that personal data
  • to alter inaccuracies within that personal data
  • to withdraw their consent for our processing of their personal data

Because the personal data which Publivate collects is widely controlled by the client(s), Publivate’s client(s) dictates policies and agreements with their users.