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The stats are not positive; job burnout in North America has been consistently on the rise of the last decade with roughly one quarter of all employees reporting they are burnt out.

While artificial Intelligence is typically seen a way for machines to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, new use cases for AI are beginning to emerge. As AI technology continues to advance, many companies are beginning to harness the power of AI in entirely different ways. This leads to interesting and impactful outcomes for businesses and employees.

Most recently, AI has been used to reduce employee burnout, fatigue and ultimately overall turnover. One software which has been adopted by various companies analyzes human behvaiour on phone calls to provide instant feedback to guide users through calls to provide superior service, close more sales, and most importantly to manage employee burnout and churn.

Publivate has been committed over the past several years to continuously advancing its AI offering. This enables all of our partners to benefit from the ability to implement cutting-edge technology. For more information on information on recent advances in Publivate’s AI offering, see our blog post.

To learn more about how artificial intelligence is preventing cognitive overload and job burnout, dive into the Forbes Article.

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Success story

October 14th, 2019

Adam Coleman

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