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Over the past several years, the usefulness and relevance of analytics has become powerful. The ability to layer and compare basic metrics has been able to give an increased knowledge and understanding of what is actually occurring on a website.

While page views, bounce rates, and abandons are helpful metrics that act as proxies to help understand how visitors use your site, they do not provide the whole picture.

But what if you could understand more about your audience? Enter the world of journey mapping and Artificial Intelligence.

Journey Mapping

User Journey provides deep and useful insight into how your audience is navigating your online platform. This provides an amalgamation of metrics that, together, provide a holistic view of a site and how it actually being used by visitors. The User Journey both tracks and displays a users’ interactions with the site, most importantly displaying the journey on the website, highlighting traffic patterns, and displaying the most frequent paths that users take.

Being able to quickly see and understand the path that most visitors have taken while on your website is incredibly important and helpful in understanding traffic and engagements. This information allows us to understand the path users take, what they engage with, and how they engage and disengage.

By presenting how your audience interacts with your site provides key insights and benefits. This allows you to understand whether visitors are engaging in the way that you intend, and provides insight into how to alter the site in order to drive engagement that aligns to your goals. On multiple instances, Publivate has been able to shape and adjust individual website elements to increase engagement in relation to website engagement goals by using the User Journey to shape the design and tweaks of sites.

For those wanting to find out more about journey mapping and how we are leveraging analytics to provide more value to online engagement, send us a note! We're always happy to discuss how we can help improve online engagements.

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